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Default Re: Let's look at those new Knickerbockers.

I found this on another forum so credits don't go to me.

Knicks Fun Facts:

-Losers of 5 out of the last 6 games
-Worse record with 'Melo than without
-D'antoni is a prick
-'Melo almost rhymes with Gallo


-If you're in a good mood before watching the game, there's a better than 50% chance that you won't be if you watch this game.

-If you're already depressed before watching this game, there's a better than 50% chance that you will either 1) drink way too much, 2) be committed, OR 3) go on a suicidal rampage if you watch this game.

What you can expect if you watch & listen closely:

-D'antoni saying "go, go, go" 47 times. Per quarter.
-'Melo yelling at a teammate--most probably Jeffries-- and smiling at the refs like a jackass
-Amare failing in a pull out the chair attempt, leading to an uncontested dunk
-Billups getting the ball knocked away from him from behind at the most inopportune time
-Amare yelling "And 1" at the refs but not getting the And 1 call

Take Solace in:

-The fact that if we win, Celtics fans will feel exactly like we do when teams like the Cavs and Pacers beat us

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