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Default Do we rest our stars or no?

To narrow this down some I am mostly referring to Rose and Deng. Two guys who have played alot of minutes this year and need to be as fresh as possible for the start of the playoffs.

I think that unless we take a decent lead over Boston and Miami and have the #1 seed close to being locked up we won't have the luxury of sitting out either one for the entirety of games. We will need both to play in each and every game left because every game will matter in the seeding.

What we need to do is come out focused and try to get huge leads against inferior opponents right from the start of the game. We have done this recently and it has allowed our guys to get alot of rest. We need that.

We can't afford to have them rest for a few games but I think we can manage playing them less minutes in certain games because every bit of extra rest will help.
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