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Default Re: Can we have Carter benched??

Originally Posted by Sawbucks23
Anti-Hero, it was rumored that the Suns will go after Marc Gasol or Josh Smith since they can buy off Carter's Contract and have 14 millions off the books. Most general managers are smart if they wait after the CBA to start making decisions on who to sign or not. Since there is a possibility of a lockout, it would not be smart to sign any player before the CBA. I agree with you of benching Carter since the trade deadline is over and not many teams (if any teams are interested in him).

Cool, thanks man. I had heard about Josh Smith (and hope we get him) but hadn't heard about us going after M Gasol. It'd be a bit of a log jam at C w/ Lopez but I'm sure he'd get packaged and Gortat and Gasol would split the time. That'd be some nice size and skill... interesting.. Thats what she said
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