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Default Re: Dwight wants rim raised to 12 feet for him @ dunk contest... NBA says no...

Originally Posted by niko
OH NO, the integrity of the dunk contest is threatend, a contest which allows you to try 1,000 times and scores you as if you did it the first time?
How many dunk contests have you watched? I can only think of two years where unlmited tries were allowed, and only ONE YEAR where the extra tries weren't supposed to hurt your score.

Originally Posted by KnicksForever
it's a once a year type of thing. come on. and it's for entertainment.
The whole NBA is just for entertainment - don't try and tell me that the regular season is for some greater spiritual/philosophical purpose. Part of the entertainment experience for me is being able to compare great dunkers from different years of the contest, and because of that, I wish they would settle on rules that always hold true.

They used to have a limit on how many dunks could be attempted, and then they took it away. One year they added a spin wheel and then took it away. Two years ago they added the rule that a teammate has to serve as a prop, and hopefully they will take that away as well. For a while they had six dunkers, and now they have just four.

If they add the option to change the rim height for each dunk, you'll see very quickly why it's bad for the contest, and they'll have to remove that option within two years. Here's what the rules should be now and forever.

4 dunkers, two rounds, two dunks each round.
60 second time limit for each dunk, which should be enough time to try it 3-4 times.
No restrictions on the types of dunks that can be done on a normal NBA basket and normal NBA court. If they want to bring in a teammate to toss them the ball, fine. If they want to bring in a legend to dunk over or to borrow their jersey, fine. If they want to pour a sheet of ice all over the court or change the atmosphere of the building, TOO ****ING BAD!
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