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Default Re: Dwight wants rim raised to 12 feet for him @ dunk contest... NBA says no...

Originally Posted by adamcz
If they add the option to change the rim height for each dunk, you'll see very quickly why it's bad for the contest

Please explain, many don't agree and have solid ideas facilitating the change in a fashion that wouldn't bring the event to a hault.

Put the other rim at 11' and move it if needed. Lots of the dunk participants wouldn't even be able to dunk on 11 or do anything worthwhile so it's not like it's a huge mess, and can't take more than a few seconds to move it considering the NBA's resources.

And the All Star game is total fan entertainment, don't equate it with the entertainment values of the regular season because they are two totally different events. Furthermore, the regular season has more than entertainment value. It is a game and has plenty of value in that sense. If not, there would be alarming changes for entertainment purposes well beyond the scope of current rule changes like hand checking.
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