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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

if i may use another team as an example: look at boston. i honestly think they killed their chances of winning it all by trading perkins for krstic.

now im not dogging the trade, bc maybe ainge is thinking about the future, and jeff green brings in youth. and boston is still a great team.

but remember game 7 of last year? perkins got injured and they sorely missed him. why? bc of rebounding and defense: two key things that championship teams with legit centers have.

yes krstic can shoot, i like him. but the c's just lost half of their toughness inside which was invaluable to their success. like my former coach said, 80% of winning is confidence, if opposing teams are confident in driving in the lane for easy layups with no resitance theyll do it. but have an enforcer inside, then theyll think twice about it and usually miss shots they normally make.
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