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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

what i was trying to say gently is that lopez has shown long stretches of being a solid positional defender in addition to everything else he does. therefore if that suddenly changed, then you look at what other thing suddenly changed, i.e. the coaching.

i.e., we already know that he and robin work hard each summer on their skill sets, so unless brook's playing injured, then something has changed outside of himself. hence, the sherlock holmes reference.

as for rebounding, it's obvious that the staff has given lopez instructions to release early when he sees a teammate with a clear path to the rebound. hence, the lower boards statistic. it's also obvious that they did this to offset his lumbering footspeed, trying to get the post offense set up a little earlier in the shot clock.

regardless, lopez seems to work great with d-will, and i still think we're all set at the 1 and the 5 slots.
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