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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

avery said earlier in the season that he dreams about his center getting 10 rebounds. those were his exact quotes regarding lopez. i highly doubt he's asking lopez to not box out and breakout early. in fact dwill also encouraged him to crash the boards more. that's why as soon as the trade happen, you could see lopez getting more rebounds and making the effort to do so. but apparently, it didn't last long. he's right back to square one, old habits and tendencies.

letting your teammates secure the rebound when no players on the opposing team are nearby is one thing. not boxing out properly, not getting proper position, and letting your man score easy layups after the O board is another.

even if he was instructed to get early post position, lopez shied away from the post all game long and settled for jumpshots again. that's why he scored only 9 points.

i'm sorry but there just isn't an excuse for 0 rebounds from the center when he plays 30+ minutes, there just isn't. lopez could score 50 points, i don't care. that isn't winning basketball no matter how you twist it.

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