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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

the passing stats and the public statements mean very little to me, frankly. what i want to know is this-

why was lopez both a productive and promising player under his first two NBA coaches, and now a third-year disappointment under AJ? and why has every player on the roster had a below-average season other than hump? and how did a young player, non-star, and guy who's only earning rookie money, suddenly decide on his own to start roaming more, basically being less efficient in almost all areas, unless his coach has something to do with it?

anyway, it's waaaaaaay to early for me to give up on lopez. and maybe it's naive and simple-minded for me to think about it this way, and maybe this season represents progress that won't be realised and won't be reaped until later down the line, but everything looked pretty good for brook lopez before avery johnson showed up.

btw, i wouldn't argue your in-game observations. you watch a hell of a lot more games than i do, so you probably know better than i do about that stuff.
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