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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

Originally Posted by gigantes
the passing stats and the public statements mean very little to me, frankly. what i want to know is this-

why was lopez both a productive and promising player under his first two NBA coaches, and now a third-year disappointment under AJ? and why has every player on the roster had a below-average season other than hump? and how did a young player, non-star, and guy who's only earning rookie money, suddenly decide on his own to start roaming more, basically being less efficient in almost all areas, unless his coach has something to do with it?

anyway, it's waaaaaaay to early for me to give up on lopez. and maybe it's naive and simple-minded for me to think about it this way, and maybe this season represents progress that won't be realised and won't be reaped until later down the line, but everything looked pretty good for brook lopez before avery johnson showed up.

btw, i wouldn't argue your in-game observations. you watch a hell of a lot more games than i do, so you probably know better than i do about that stuff.

I don't really like Avery that much either. He's annoying and players will eventually tune him out. And it's apparent that Brook isn't so fond of him, either. But again, I cannot account for such a drop off in production just because of a coaching change. it may be the coach, but it also could be that Lopez is fed up with this organization. After last year's debacle and some of the moves the Nets are making, he may not see his future in Brooklyn. I don't know, it's all speculation.

Maybe it's the lingering mono, maybe Brook needs a few more years to actually break out of his shell. But he is a sophomore out of college ready made NBA player who's in his third year, so I'm not going to give him that easy of a pass like i did with Favors.

The thing that irks me is that I've seen Lopez do it. I've seen him snare 14 rebounds before against the Laker bigs, but if he doesn't feel like playing 4 out of 5 games, it won't work. And Deron isn't going to wait for him either. He wants everybody on the same page, playing at their best with a "championship or bust" attitude. Maybe this year gets a pass because the Nets are out of the playoff race. But next year is a different story, the Nets need to convince him that this is the place to be, and it won't be accomplished with players playing without their heads in the game. If any of the lingering losing mentality remains next year at all, consider him out the door.

By getting Deron himself, all signs point that management is in win now mode. If Brook has something magical to show us, it's in his best interest to show it now.

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