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Default Re: Why does Shawne Williams guard opposing centers??

Originally Posted by franchize
Scooter with all due either really like Mike D'Antoni or you don't know anything about basketball.You and Pringles are the only ppl that think that it you are tall you automatically can play center.Shawne Williams is 6'9" and 230 lbs.Stop it.Please.He's not a gr8 defender and he's damn sure not shutting down a big man.You're wasting keystroke and brain cells tryna justify such stupidity.
LOL. "Scoooter, with all due respect, you're a dumbf**k."

No one on this team is a great defender. No one is shutting down a big man. Not one single player. Get that through your thick ****ing skulls. There are some guys who are slightly better than others. Turiaf is slightly better than Shelden Williams, for instance. Shawne Williams is better than Jared Jeffries, for another. They're all better than Amar'e. He isn't playing bad defenders in place of good defenders, he's playing bad defenders in place of even worse defenders.

You guys hate D'antoni so much you don't realize that this team is going to be shit for a long time regardless of who is coaching. Sorry.
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