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Default Re: Article Kobe Bryant wrote in Dime Magazine

Interesting read, not all that inspiring to me, reads more like a autobiographical piece than an "article", but interesting none the less. Definitely seemed like there's a ton of "I"s, and seems like he kind of says one thing worded many different ways (ie. desire, fuel, hunger, mission, driven, etc). We get it Kobe. Personally, I think he's very much playing for his legacy, and ultimately being famous for it, which he claims not to be distracted by. I respect his respect for the game, though. I respect the fact that he respects and looks up to his coach. Kobe is amazing to watch and he usually tends to give credit where it's due, but I'm not a huge fan of his at all. I am an NBA fan though and he's obviously been a large part of it the last decade or so.
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