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Default Re: How valuable is Tim Duncan to the Spurs? Nearly MVP level?

Originally Posted by Carbine
Threads get derailed all the time.

I'm genuinly interested to hear how Bird is pretty cut and dry above Duncan both in a historical context and as a player you want to start a team with/who the better player was.

I've tried making a case for both in my head. I've never come away with the thought of one being better, they're too close to call.

Maybe I'm missing something?
It's not easy to compare across positions, but the simplest way I can say it is that Bird in his best 2-3 years was on the level of Jordan, Wilt, and Russell. He's a borderline top 5 guy to me. Duncan wasn't on that level. He's a borderline top 10 guy to me. I just don't see any logical case for Duncan over Bird, he just wasn't that caliber of player. I'd like to see exactly how you can logically rank Duncan over Bird.
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