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Default Re: Kobe wants Pippen in LA!

Pippen Says Heat Would Be Ideal
17th February, 2007 - 1:35 am
Chicago Tribune -
Scottie Pippen, never shy about stating his opinions and intentions, made it clear he'd love to play for the Miami Heat .

"I'm looking at teams like Miami, Cleveland, Dallas, San Antonio. I feel there are a few teams I could help," Pippen said.

Sitting at a nearby table later on, Kobe Bryant said he'd call Pippen and ask him to consider the Lakers.

"I'd like an opportunity to help a team contend for a championship," Pippen said. "I'd like to go play with Shaq. That would be the ideal place. He's probably the best in the game, he and Dwyane Wade. Teams in the East still are bunched up, but [the Pistons and the Heat] will be fighting it out in the Eastern finals.

"I don't see anyone really a threat to them. Indiana is going in another direction, the Bulls still are lacking that inside presence."

Though O'Neal said he hadn't heard about any Pippen interest in Miami, Wade was excited.

"I'm already playing with [Gary] Payton and Shaq; Scottie and Michael are two guys I used to play with on video games," Wade said. "To add Scottie to the mix, that would be crazy. It would be a dream.",342879.column
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