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Default Re: Boozer is an embarassment

He does need to be more agressive in the broader sense of things, but he does show flashes of what he can bring to the table for us alot of times. And what he can and will bring is something that we can't be without if we expect to do serious damage come postseason time. We need him. It's plain and simple. He'll step it up in the playoffs.

The Sixers game was a game that the team in its entirety (maybe minus a player or two) came out with no heart or fire. The 1st half guys seemed uninterested and lazy out there. We've had a very good run as of late and it happens to every team in the NBA. Teams sometimes just show up not ready to play. Sixers were hungry and they caught us off guard. Hopefully it's an eye opener for our guys and it reminds them that we must win the majority of our games left in order to secure the top seed which will be vital if we want to have a serious shot at making it to the Finals.
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