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Default Re: And so it begins 50 vs Cam

You have to realize its all a business yea "the streets this, the streets that", but the streets dont put the food on the table or put the kids through college. Cam makes music for the ny streets and 50 makes music for the world. As far 50 loosing everything, I dont know about that, the man has soo much $ even if nobody else buys his new album he is set for the rest of his life. I dont know whats to brag about 300k lambo if just about every rapper has one. As far as the hood being on his video, **** I bet you if I paid everyone to show up for my video I'm sure the whole "hood" will show up, I'll even get fedex, ups and dhl delivery people on the same picture. As far as having guest apperences on albums, you have to realize any artist can be a guest on a song if the price is right. I think this beef showcases their lyrical abilities, and well both are mediocre at best.
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