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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

A comment from a fan at Netsdaily:

"This Lopez shoe situation

shows me one thing. He doesn’t have “it”.

Deron can make him a better player but he can’t give him the heart that he needs to be at that elite level..

In a close game this guy was actually more worried about his shoes. HIS FREAKING SHOE.

HIS SHOE. While his teammates are hustling for the ball you see your second best player actually tying his shoe.

If you are Deron or Hump you are upset and I mean pissed.

No amount of weight. Training or anything will change that. Everything you wanted to know about Lopez was told in that moment."

A different fan who watched the Knicks game live:

"There’s no teaching spine. There’s no cultivating heart. There’s no coaching focus.

He doesn’t have it, he never had it, and he never will."

"It's not a one game assessment, nor is it hate

It’s years of watching him, every single game, and seeing absolutely no growth in the brain or heart. He doesn’t have it."

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