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Default Re: Boozer is an embarassment

Originally Posted by dak121
Doesn't excuse the fact that he has been garbage for the past month.

He hasn't been garbage. He's just had a few bad games. So what? He's not allowed to have a few bad games?

Maybe 5 of his last 20 games were below average. Before that, he had like 20 straight good games.

So 20 straight good games, and 15 of 20 games being either good enough, or good, I will take that any day over fucking Brad Miller.

Stop expecting Boozer to be some craxy 25/15 guy. He isn't Dwight. He isn't Amar'e. He's Carlos Boozer. He's an 18.5/10 guy who scores very efficiently and doesn't play great defense. You shouldn't expect more than say, 20/11 out of him on average. That is about what his peak is.

Don't foolishly forget that his stats went down when Noah came back. Noah gets some of his touches, and some of his boards. Doesn't mean Boozer was playing like shit the whole time. And Noah coming back is precisely when Boozer's stats started going down.
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