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Default Re: Carmelo Physical Defender

Originally Posted by fubu05

Last post-season he was not good at all though. He'll probably put in the effort this year though.

He was consistently in foul trouble. Weather it stupid defense fouls or the ton of offensive fouls he got.

Melo's an average defender. He's no worse than a Kevin Durant. Some people like to act like it's '05 again or something. When he puts the effort forth he can be slightly above average or solid imo. Problem is he's inconsistent. He can have a game or two of solid defense than next game be completely awful. He's late on rotations and can commit stupid fouls(esp when closing out on the shooter). An underrated part of his defense has always been his ability to guard post players around his size. He has the strength to not get bullied down low and actually seem to be quite aware of defensive stances when in that position.

In a 7 games series doubt you can expect him to be a good defender. Just like in a season he'll never bring the consistency to be labeled a good defender. Doesn't mean he can't give you alright defense he and there and solid defense every once an awhile. Usually steps up to defend depending on opponent as well. He'll try and stop LeBron where as if somebody who isn't an All-Star is draining buckets on him you can see his motivation differs.

My take anyways.
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