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Default Re: 2011 NBA Draft

Didn't the Grizz want two 1st rounders from Chicago for him? And they were picks from Chicago and Miami which would have been in the high 20's. Surely they could offer Bell + Jazz 1st rounder for him.

Could offer the Jersey pick though if I'm Memphis I'm not looking to get any younger but they continue to look more like the Clippers(or the Jazz?) than a team that's going to build on what they have. The fact that they want to trade Mayo is evidence of this.

Mayo looked like a future star as a rookie before they got Randolph and Gay decided it was time to step up in a contract year. Is anyone in the draft ready to put up 18.5 on 38% from 3 with 3 ass and 4 rbds after one year of college? Could end up with Evan Turner? You know what Mayo can do at the NBA level. Mayo was old for a guy that only had one year of college ball. He flunk a couple grades? He is a bit undersized too but so was Horny and it seems to be the trend right now anyway. Should be a good fit. Could be their go their go to guy. Can shoot, score, handle the ball. Be the best they've had at the 2 other than Pistol. He'd also be in a contract year with plenty to prove.

like to see Miles given a full go next year as the main SG, so getting Mayo wouldn't be high up on my priorities list, but I like him as a player.

I've been CJs biggest supporter but I can't see him ever being as good as Mayo.
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