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Default Re: Nene the raptors #1 FA target

Originally Posted by kmart
I believe that Bargs will be a great option off the bench for a team that needs scoring, where all he needs to do is come in and put up points in a hurry. I can see him as a perfect match for a team like Milwaukee. Sadly, he will never live up to the expectations that were forced upon him by the fans or the managing staff of the Raptors. Thats why I believe it is time for him to go.

Agreed. He will be the perfect 6th man like a Jamal Crawford. Problem is starting next season (I think, too lazy to check the facts) he's 10 million a year will kick in and who would want someone who could only provide scoring (and not consistently mind you) for that big of a hit, especially if the salary cap becomes smaller after the new negotiations.

Milwaukee is a small market team, if we're going to dump Bargs on them, we're going to have to take another bad contract in return. I just want AB to get traded for a second round pick or something, just cut our ties and move on...
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