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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

recspecs, i wouldn't dream of trying to change your mind about anything in the world, but just an FYI for you and/or anyone else, re: brook lopez... in case this wasn't known:

last week, news came out of rotoworld / other sources about lopez' arm. specifically, he has been been battling a calcium deposit in his arm all season, and apparently it's been bothering him more, lately. also that he's been reluctant to bring it up this season, for what i would think are obvious reasons.

apparently, whenever his arm gets bumped, it hurts. also, i would imagine that having soft tissue in your arm fill up with loose calcium would not be real helpful towards that arm's overall strength and quickness.

hopefully this gets fixed over the summer.
or maybe one day he'll be known as brook "arms of stone" lopez.
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