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Default Re: 2011 NBA Draft

I do think Mayo is the better player between him and Miles, but finding a new SG isn't the most obvious need to me, so i'd be looking elsewhere first.

The Jazz are in need of stars and he's a potential star/go to guy. What other potential star/go to guy can they get? Is their one in the draft? Can they lure a FA somehow? He looks to be their best shot at the moment to me. With Millsap stepping into the 3 role effortlessly as should have been expected and AK possibly leaving and Jefferson/Okur/Fessenko in the middle the 2 and 5 are the biggest needs along with a young pg.

Mind you, if the draft is as weak as they say it is and you could score him for just the 1st round pick, then you'd probably do that deal regardless of it being a need or not.

Price will probably go up by draft day. Got to be a lot of teams wanting him.
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