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Default Re: 2011 NBA Draft

Why do we need to get Ramon Sessions? I'd rather stick with Harris by FAR, even if he's not the same player he was 3 years ago.

At 10 million a year you're probably stuck with Harris. Sessions plays both guard positions, is only 25 and improving and put up 13 pts(46%/82%)and 5 ass in only 26 minutes a game and will come at much less than 10 mil a year. Pretty comparable numbers to Harris who's getting worse and is a couple years older. Harris is better defensively but I'm not sure he is otherwise?

I wonder if there's any way we can sign and trade CJ, Raja, Future 2nd Round Pick for Mayo and maybe someone else to throw in. Probably a one sided deal for us, but I can only wish.

Why a future 2nd rounder? They don't have one this year?

Jazz need to trade Big Al for a center that actually has size.

Need to trade him to get rid of him. If they get some help in return that would be a bonus.

Kanter: Al Horford

Another PF. Looks like their guy!

Motiejunas: Andrea Bargnani (Bargnani is soft, so the comparison doesn't sound good. LOL)
Valanciunas: Nenad Krstic/Primoz Brezic (Bad comparisons due to the fact both have been pretty average or below average in their careers.)

I'll pass.
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