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Default Re: Vote For Your Ish All Stars

Originally Posted by VCDrivesAPorscheToWork
i promise guys, official results, a special shrine, and the next set of Demographics polls will be up by this week. as well as IceMan's Hall of Fame 2. I've just been immensely busy lately (im post this at work, so I can't work on the website now)
just voted in the demographic pole.

I'm from pakistan, so I guess I'm expected to vote for middle eastern.

But just since I'm in a bad mood, I guess I'll point out thats like calling a philipino guy chinese, its kinda insulting.

Pakistan, Indian, Gujrat, and the neighboring countries are part of the indian sub-continent. (known as desis, south-east asians, and members of indian sub-continent). Example: Apu from the simpsons

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, and neighboring countries are part of the middle east. (Known as--duh--middle easterns and jordan and some parts of iran/iraq are known as persians) Example: your average terrorist from tv shows (light skinned, thin beard, thick accent) with a name like a'mad.

Not many people in the us seem to care because theres not that many middle easterners or desis for anyone to care to differentiate but in places like the UK, we actually get our own box under the race section.
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