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Default Re: The *OFFICIAL* Europe vs. Canada thread

Originally Posted by bokes15
^^ I can't speak for Chambs and Funk but I personally haven't locked it because two posters (of who I won't name but we all know who they are) are hi-jacking every thread no matter what the topic is about with this nonsense about Europe and racism. So i'd rather it all be in one thread than in EVERY thread. Unfortunately we don't have banning powers. That would solve the problem completely.

It may be true that FC is hijacking some threads turning them into a Europe/Canada debate as of late, but I want to ask you, since you're a mod and probably the less biased of the bunch, is it true or is it not true that many posters (and you know who I'm referring to) hijack every single thread (just as much if not more) turning it into an anti-Bargnani thread?
If you want to call out people, call them all out, not just the ones that don't share your views.
For me to see people taking shots at Bargs and Jose in every single thread, even if it's not related to them, is just as annoying as it is for you to see the Europe/Canada argument brought up.
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