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Default Re: The *OFFICIAL* Europe vs. Canada thread

Originally Posted by DJMason
Honestly even as recent as the Bosh debates, the Euro argument wasn't nearly as strong. Hell I was even someone who preferred Bargs at 10 mill to Bosh at max $$$ at one point since I thought he'd grow and not regress if given a shot, for which me and bokey had some relatively heated discussion that in no way involved Europe.

My opinions always have and always will depend on what a player accomplishes/can accomplish at the NBA level since that's what matters to the Toronto Raptors.
Exactly. Like i've said before, I remember you and even Toni adamantly arguing in favor of Bargnani over Bosh (and I know for various reasons like cheaper cost, Bosh not being a leader, etc...). And even though I didn't agree with you guys, it remained a healthy basketball debate that at the end of the day we were all fine with, despite varying opinions. But now, it's being taken to the next level by saying that we like or dislike a player based on where they come from, that's just ridiculous and out of hand. I'm tired of having every topic turning into people being called "euro-haters" and those people in turn having to spend mutiple posts explaining that this is a BASKETBALL forum where basketball is discussed.

Edit: To add, let me just put this out there... The BEST and HIGHEST PAID players on ANY team are subject to the MOST SCRUTINY. That's a damn near fact that you just have to live with. And who are the highest paid and best players on our team this year? Bargnani and Calderon. Notice they took a lot less heat while Bosh was here? Well now Bosh is not here and that role falls down on them, if you can't deal with that, i'm gonna be blunt. A Raptors NBA basketabll forum is the wrong place for you to be.

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