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Originally Posted by KnicksFan4Life
Not cool, The bobcats will be above .500 this year for three good reasons: Gerald Wallace, Brevin Knight, and Emeka Okafor. If the Cavs play the Bobcats in the playoffs get what will happen, Cavs will get swept. That is, if that sorry ass franchise even makes the playoffs

Hahahaha, isnt that a joke. Even if they make the playoffs huh? The team that nearly beat the pistons, and beat the wizards in the post season. Who did the bobcats beat in the playoffs? What seed were they? Oh that's right they didnt have a seed. Yeah so your saying even if they make the playoffs? Give me a reason why they wouldnt be there? They actually have a first round pick this year unlike last year when they didnt even get a pick in the first or 2nd. They'll have a healthy and rejuvenated larry hughes back and LeBron can only get better. The cavaliers would get swept by the bobcats huh? Brevin Knight is like the only real talent on that team. Okafor too as well, my apologies. All wallace can do is talk shiiit and dunk. So yeah im anxious to see this so called sweep. Email me at when it happens. Ill take you out to dinner or something. In your dreams buddy. I doubt LeBron will be leaving in three years anyway. If you'd pay attention at all the cavaliers said they would offer him a 5 year extension july 1st so.. maybe 8 years then huh? Keep on dreamin..
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