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Default Re: Rashard Lewis to Knicks?

Originally Posted by brooklynchild155
i wouldnt really like the move either. lewis is a really good player but the problem with him is that he shoots to much jump shots. the guy is 6-10 like 230-240, hes a big guy but he plays like hes a shooting gaurd. im a isiah thomas supporter but the problem i have with him is that he always want to add talent instead of good role players. rashard lewis isnt the answer. but if they get some good role players who play winning basketball i wouldnt get mad if he traded nate and channing.

what exactly does channing frye do? lewis seems like a rich mans channing frye who can shoot the 3. he shoots 47% fgs, 40% 3s and 90% fts and avgs 20+ pts. we already have curry in the post, so i think it would improve the team. problem is im not sure seattle would do it
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