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Default Re: Pistons Finally Sold

Originally Posted by dd24
Do you have a link to that article? It does sound very interesting.... I think we all knew the deals we wanted to be made didn't happen because of the ownership thing though. The good news is I've read that Gordon and Villaneuva are a few of the guys people call about the most for trades. Maybe we'll finally see one (or both) of them involved in one.

No, but it was a Detroit News, Drew Sharp article on the day after the announcement was made so I'm sure you can find it off of that.

I get the feeling that both Charlie and Rip can and will be dealt this offseason. We may have to take another bad contract on for one of them. Maybe Rip for Baron Davis or something along those lines. Not that I want Davis, but if we have to have a bad contract on our hands for 2 more years, a PG would be more ideal than a SG,espeically a SG who causes chemistry issues at this point.

Charlie may be kept too. He has had plenty of games where he made an impact for us. He can be a pretty good scorer off the bench for us. Ideally he'd have a true PG type to get him the ball, as that suits his game best. I won't shed a tear if he is gone, but if we shore up the starting frontcourt and use Charlie off the bench, he does have value in an Al Harrington type role.
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