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Default Re: Rashard Lewis to Knicks?

I would love to get Shard on this team. Check out his stats for real before you say all he does is shoot.

shoots 47.6% FG, makes 4.5 FT a game, shooting 90.7% from the line. gets about 2 Threes a game, shooting a little over 39% from behind the arc. Scores 21.6 ppg, 6.8 REB, 1.4 Offensive Boards, 2.4 Assists, 1.4 Steals, and .6 Blocks. He's 27 years old, hitting his prime, and has been improving his numbers over the last couple of years to make it to this level, where he is producing at an elite level. I like Frye, but if we have to move him to get Shard, great. Frye will do better in another system anyway. Hopefully we could deal Jeffries in the deal as well. That lineup listed above is more productive than anything we've put out recently.

Curry, Lee, Shard, Crawford or QRich, Marbury...bench- Cato, Balkman, Qrich/Crawford, Collins.
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