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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Lakers vs Hornets

Originally Posted by UtahJazzFan88
If that was happening, I'd bet they would be wishing someone other than Jason Smith would be starting.
Doesn't matter really. Landry's only superior contribution is scoring ability (which marcus is superior). Did you know how many rebounds he's averaging as a hornet in over 25 MPG? 4. Interestingly, Marcus Thornton is averaging more boards post-trade than the hornet's PF. Also, Jason Smith averages 5 boards when he gets at least 20 minutes. So I don't really see what huge benefit Landry brings that makes up for the benefit Thornton would bring. Smith is a solid rebounder and scrapper around the basket who can face up with the mid-range jumper off the pick and pop from Paul, which is almost exactly what Landry does. The only thing Landry can do better is generate his own offense on the elbow. But again, this offensive bonus is negated by the scoring and playmaking ability of Marcus.

Jason Smith + Thornton >>> Landry

And defensively, Landry isn't going to be able to handle Odom or Pau. If Bynum returns, they will be forced to play Gray at C and Emeka at PF anyway.

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