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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Thunder vs Nuggets

Originally Posted by kurple
I wonder how good the nuggets team when they get time to gel.. Since people love talking about the Knicks needing time to gel
The difference is the Knicks team IS the Knicks team. We are not retooling next year. The Nuggets got all these pieces to trade, sign who they want (you have a bunch of FA's remember), etc. Your whole team is auditioning for roles. Next year you are not doing the 10 man, 2 sents of 5, everyone is starting. I think people think this is the way the Nuggets will play from now on.

OKC in 5, 6 at worst. In the playoffs there are always a bunch of players you find out can't hack it and that's when you dump the ball to your star and ask them to bail you out. For Denver, that is who exactly? Gallo? Lawson? Nene in the post? Game tied, 3 minutes to go, OKC goes to Westbrook/Durant, Denver all stares at each other.
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