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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Magic vs Hawks

Yea a lot of people bashing the hawks on this site...Coming from an Atlanta born, atlanta native, in atlanta right now and seeing all just about all hawks games this season i will have to say Atlanta is the most underated team in the league...

I mean when they are on and playing defense i think they can beat just about anyone in the league...Matchup by matchup it shouldnt be close...

Heinrich >= Nelson
Johnson >> Richardson
Smith >> Turk
Horford >> Bass
Collin <<<<<< Howard

Teague << Arenas
Crawford >> Reddick
Marvin >> QRichardson


So as far as complete person comparison the hawks have an edge...I just seen games where Joe and Crawford go off puttin up 20 and then Horford and Josh smith both putting up high double digits...When they play this complete and as a whole team...They are one hard tough to beat...

I say Hawks in 7 with a buzzer beater by Crawford...Book it...
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