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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Thunder vs Nuggets

With this recent slew of injuries, it appears the Denver bench and depth will be tested. We are deep, but Nene and Ty are probably our two most important players right now. Not to mention AAs health. Jesus, if both teams were healthy, this would really be close to a coin flip.

It comes down to Denvers depth vs OKCs stars. Not to say OKC has no depth, but Denver 1-12 is as deep as anyone in the L.

I wanna say Denver as a homer pick, and it wouldn't be outrageous. If they can steal one in OKC, then I think they will win this series.

That's quite the big if though. OKC certainly has the advantage in close games with closers like Durant and Westbrook. And I think this series (whether it's 4 or 7 games) will have all close contests.

I will go with OKC in 7, but I really think Denver could pull it off with their depth and desire to play D. Will be a great series. Home court will be a factor.
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