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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by heyhey
yea GSP is a huge hit with hardcore fans... that's why his fanbase is a bunch of canadian chicks

He has one of the biggest fanbases in MMA. Diaz's fanbase is made up of potheads, retards, and/or people from the Stockton area.

GSP is the delusional one. The guy actually thinks he's beating people at their own games when he's done nothing but wrestle against anyone with a semblance of striking game.

You're the delusional one.

Large segment of the true mma fans are tired of GSP's act.

True MMA fans? What a load of shit.

1. GSP 2. Shields 3. Kos 4. Fitch. 5. Diaz

Nah, he's somewhere around #7, and how in the hell is Kos ahead of Fitch?

You realize that Dana said in interview that he WANTS to get diaz in the ufc right? Every Diaz fight is FOTY candidate.

Yeah, and? His actions are keeping him out.

I hope Diaz goes to boxing. ungrateful mma fans like you don't deserve that man's greatness.

Sigh, do you even think before you type all this nonsense? And, what greatness? It took him about 5 years to finally beat a top 25 WW.

I hate GSP fanatics. they are so blind towards the reality of GSP.

I'm not a GSP fanatic. If anyone is blind, then it's certainly Diaz's pothead fans.

GSP fights SAFE and TIMID. great for him he wins. but that's not an exciting or compelling way to make your way through the sport.

He just stood with Koscheck for 5 rounds, he tried finishing Hardy and nearly did twice, and he dominated Alves while he tore his groin in that fight. If GSP fought the weak competition that Diaz has been fighting, then he would have more finishes. He wouldn't have gone to a 5 round decision to a LW who spent every 2 seconds brushing the hair out of his eyes.

GSP fans are mostly the casual fans who bites the zuffa media machine hard.

Sure they are...
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