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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Shogun vs. Forrest Griffin rematch booked for UFC Rio
nice if Shogun is healthy we get to see if the win of Forest was legit or the surgery did mess up Shogun's cardio, or if Shogun really has problems with people bigger then him.

Regarding the DIaz / GSP discussion, both are likeable fighters once a all out brawler guy who leaves everything on the table, the other is a methodical dude who's current skill level is rivaled by none, I enjoy GSP's Lnp better then say dudes like John Fitch and the current Rashard. Although I do enjoy the brawl as much as the next fan, its sometimes nice to enjoy technical guys like GSP, hence why I love watching Anderson Silva so much, since he's a combination of both, showboating, plus great striking skills.

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