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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Thunder vs Nuggets

Originally Posted by Cowboy Thunder
50inch, would you guess that game 1 would be the cheapest?

Sounds like you've seen some cheap tix. I'd like to make one of the games this first series for $40 per seat or less. Think I'll have a shot?
It's because it's closer, come Tuesday you should see game 2 coming down. I can give you this 313L single I bought for 42. That's face value of what I got it for off the exchange (33$ + fees). Like I said, bought the 120DD so don't need it anymore. I also have it listed on stubhub instant download so you can buy it that way if you don't trust me.

It's a risk but the closer to game time, the more likyl sometimes to find a steal from someone who just has to put aside their hopes of a big profit and take breaking even or whatever they can get on top of that for it.

Hell, I'd say just go to the game with no ticket and see what you catch outside. Even if you don't get one, they're doing Thunder Alley so you'll have plenty to do with the huge screen on the Cox Convention Center televising the game, $1 beer, BWW out there, Thunder Girls, games, ESPN RV for the games they're doing, all types of stuff going on and they're even shooting the pre and post games live for FSOK there with Brian Davis.
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