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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Spurs vs Grizzlies

Originally Posted by BØBØ
Anyone else notice this idiot calls everyone trolls who doesn't agree with with his views?

I think you're the bigger troll of the group. People are allowed to have a different opinion than you and not be trolling.

First of all, you complete imbecile, trolls who have done nothing but hate on the Spurs team since I have even been on this site, coming into here saying the Spurs will lose in 5-6 games, are obviously trolling as usual. It isn't an "opinion" anymore when it comes from a Spurs hater, who never posts anything positive about the team at any point. It's just more troll posting.

I don't care if someone agrees with my views or not, I provide my view, and whoever wants to read it, and agree or disagree with it, that's up to them. it doesn't matter whichever way it goes. When some dipshit says the top seeded team is going to lose in the first round, how can you not think that's anything besides trolling? Seriously. If I said LA would get swept in the first round, it'd be thought of as a troll post, wouldn't it? What if i said they'd lose in 6? It'd still be thought of as a troll post. Same thing applies here.

Of course, you're going to chime in here whining about my post, not because you disagree with me, but simply because you don't like me. There were other people who actually physically replied to posters, but you chose to reply to my post instead. Rather selective. But I don't expect anything else from an agenda poster such as yourself. Your pathetic attempt at discrediting me isn't going to get you anywhere. My post was full of facts, and a good argument. Whining about my posts doesn't change the fact that both of you are dumbasses, and have been wrong about the Spurs the entire season. You will be wrong yet again. You failures are used to be wrong though, so I'm sure you'll bounce back from this epic failure, and predict that they'll lose in the next round too. Then that they'll lose in the round after that, then I'm sure you'll predict they'll get swept in the Finals or some other troll shit, should they get there.

Originally Posted by niko
He doesn't believe strongly they will win. If he did he'd have 400 posts in the thread. For all his bullshit he's a total frontrunner, he'll post ten times more if they are winning.

Lmao, stfu newb. The Spurs will obviously win this series. Memphis is not even close to being as good as the Spurs team right now. Why wouldn't I be confident about this series? The Grizzlies don't even have Rudy Gay playing right now. The Spurs can beat them even without Manu easily. Let's not forget both games Memphis won came A: Without Parker (at Memphis), and B: Without Duncan (at Memphis). Duncan and Parker are more vital to the team functioning normally than Manu is. Manu puts the team over the top, but doesn't make it function besides when Parker is on the bench.

I didn't post much because I haven't been on my computer much in the last couple days. I'm not going to sit around all day replying to every ignorant post from ghost fans who didn't appear until the playoffs, and from trolls like Droid101 who pokes pins into a vodoo doll with Gregg Popovich's picture and a tiny Tim Duncan jersey on it every night. The maximum I will do is post one post a day into this thread until there are actual games going on. Random ass discussion with all the Spurs haters isn't very high in my priority list.
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