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Default Re: The *OFFICIAL* Europe vs. Canada thread

Originally Posted by Doko
Ok, I'll set it straight since you pretend not to understand what I'm saying. You're a mod on this board and you're allowing people to openly insult players and posters. If you think that's the right way to handle the job, good for you.

Just stepping in for a second here..

Specifically to you, Doko:

As I've said a few times before, bokes, funk and I are posters just like you. You can't expect us to just sit on the fence and not have a side. We've just been given extra responsibility to keep things "clean".

Insulting players? It can be harsh, and it can be unwarranted, but every fan has a certain amount of players they insult, just as they have a certain amount of players they will always stick up for.

Every poster on this board is guilty of that, whether it be lilbeastnani with Bargnani, FC with Calderon, Q with Rasho, or myself (which doesn't really get discussed on this board) with Paul Pierce. We have favorite players and we have players we absolutely don't care for.

Insulting posters? That's a different story, and I've sent a few PM's out lately to some posters asking them to PM a mod or hit the "report" button when something bothers you. I've also invited them to send me a PM if they had any suggestions as to how to improve this forum as a whole. I didn't send you one, but feel free to message me anytime.

And to everyone:

I love you all. Every one of you. I love coming to this board. I love learning from all of you, and I love hating some of you. It's what makes this place unique. Sometimes the best way to learn is to argue. I love that we are all so passionate, because no matter how many differences we all have, we're all striving towards the same thing; having the best possible Raptors team we can have.

I'm not going to censor arguments, but I'm hoping for everyone to realize how stupid personal insults are, especially in a place like this where we don't know each other, and just talk basketball. Please.
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