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Default Re: Rashard Lewis to Knicks?

Originally Posted by knicks15
i know people are going to disagree with this but i think the knicks could use another scorer. crawford is a good player but having him as your second option is not such a great thing(unless youre a good defensive team, which they obviously are not). he is too inconsistent and has too many games where he scores single digits. curry is the only player on the team who consistently puts up points. we all know marbury can be a nonfactor scoring wise and the same for richardson. if the knicks could find a way to include crawford in the deal (of course this complicates the deaL) then lewis would fit because crawford actually takes more shots than him. and as far as gooden goes, what role would he actually fit in over here? david lees role? what exactly would your starting 5 be?

? if it is then i think youre going to have problems scoring. i think frye has good potential and i think gooden is a 10 and 8 player.
I agree completely with you, we have many players that can score but noone that can do it with consistency, hell even nate can score :)

But... isn't Lewis a SF? can he play the PF position well?
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