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Default Re: Rashard Lewis to Knicks?

If Isiah can get Rashard for Frye I say do it. Rashard Lewis has been an all star and will be one in the future. This guy can score and he averages more than a steal a game. Not even one Knick averages more than one steal. He is not bad defensively at all. All Frye is to this team is a jump shooter who gets killed on the defensive board consistently. Lee is a baller and is our best complement to Curry. You can't start a four with Curry who can't rebound because thats not what Curry is good at doing. We should see if we can get Danny Fortson in the deal as well. He has worn out his welcome as a Sonic but New York would instantly love him. Danny is great on the boards and is an intimidator in the paint. He doesn't block many shots but when guards come into the lane they will feel his presence. Lets just say he knows how to use his fouls very well similar to Oakley.

Marbury Collins
Qrich Crawford
Lewis Balkman
Lee Fortson

This rotation definitely goes to the playoffs and gets out the first round!!!!!!!!
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