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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Spurs vs Grizzlies

Originally Posted by Gotterdammerung
We got a live one!

Nah, Manu Ginobili was not the Spurs' lone advantage over the Grizzlies. He isn't worth 20 games over the lowly 8th seeded Grizz.

He was a pretty big one though, a star player like him added to an already solid team can surely take you from the 45-50 win range to the 55-60 win range, I'd say. It was 15 games, not 20 for the record.

While Memphis still doesn't have Rudy Gay, I think they have gotten better as the year has gone on. Gay may cost them the series being out and all, but they have added Battier, Allen really stepped up in the 2nd half, Conley has found his rhythm. They had some success against SA and the matchups are favorable, as Memphis has a good defender to put on all of SA's good players and they have an edge up front IMO, unless Duncan goes ham
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