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Default Re: 2011 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Spurs vs Grizzlies

Originally Posted by niko
You post a shitload when the Spurs are winning a lot and less when they lose. When there is a game thread you post constantly if the Spurs are kicking ass, and in the games they are getting killed (like the Laker game) you dissapear completely. Total frontrunner. I'd expect very little out of you after rd 2.

and i dont think memphis is winning so no need to post 3,000 words why i am wrong about grizzlies winning, i dont think they do.

I post a lot whether they're winning or losing. Sometimes I just don't come on as much due to busy life, such as when I have to work late 4-5 days in a row and have no time at night to do anything but make dinner and spend a couple hours with my gf before bed. It happens during win streaks as well as losing streaks. Meaning, it has nothing to do with them winning or not. It's just random. For example, I posted a lot during the Spurs 6 game losing streak. I didn't magically not post or disappear. I posted in every GT, and several other Spurs threads, enduring all the trolling. Now you're pretending like I don't post when they lose? Stop lying, faggot. I post for them regardless, and am one of the few posters who DOESN'T disappear if my team fails. You're using a blanket troll statement hoping it fits. Too bad it doesn't. Fail.

As for the Lakers game thread, I was watching it with friends. In fact, I even specifically said in that thread that I would be watching the double header that day with friends irl before the game even started. Hence why I didn't post in it until after the game. fuckin dumbass. Stop spreading lies because your team is a joke, and you've been dead wrong about SA with every single one of your posts throughout the season, and I've been correct. Did the Spurs get a top 3 seed like I said, or a bottom 3 like you said? #1 seed. SJ: 1 niko: 0 Did the Spurs big 3 barely miss any games this year, or did they get injured and miss tons like you claimed they would? They missed a grand combined total of 13 games. 6 of those 13 were coach's choice rest days. SJ: 2 niko: 0. I said the Knicks wouldn't win more than 45 games with Amar'e, and would finish lower than the Bulls easily. You said they would. They only won 42. SJ: 3 Niko: 0

In essence, everything you've argued with me about, you've been wrong about, and I've been right about. Every single thing. Now you're lying and claiming I'm a "frontrunner", even though I've always stuck around after losses to argue with the deluge of Lakers trolls. Do I need to post links to GTs after Spurs losses so it can be 4-0? Seriously? You're wrong about everything you argue with me about. Do you know why niko? I don't open my mouth about something unless I know I'm right. If you argue with me, you can rest assured that you are wrong. If I don't know about something, I don't talk about it. It's pretty simple really. That's not something you do though. You just run your mouth and hope you're right. Pretty pathetic tbh.

Finally, I wish I could say the same and that I expect to not hear anything out of you after the Knicks get eliminated, but I know you'll be trolling as usual because that's all you can do since your team is still garbage. You're used to it, so I don't expect any changes. Should SA win the title this year, I expect you to come up with some sort of excuse as to why they did. Or perhaps you will take the lowest route of all and claim that they're the "worst team to win a title", or some other garbage, to try and take away from the joy of Spurs fans for winning a title in another one of your fits of jealousy.
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