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Default Re: I'm watching Marc Gasol right now against the Spurs

I've been on Marc Gasol bandwagon since the start of the season. I like his game a lot.

He does have flaws like any player but he'd be such a great fit at C for the Raptors. Gasol is definitely more of an offensive player than defensive but it's not like he's a complete bum on defense either. With Ed Davis likely developing into more defensive than offensive player, I think they would be great together. I like how Gasol doesn't force his offensive game and is really smart when it comes to moving the ball. He's not on the level of an Andrew Bogut where you can run an offense through him (which Milwaukee should be doing more often) but he's a similar style. Gasol is a like more productive and talented Rasho to me.

PF - Ed Davis
C - Marc Gasol
Bench: Amir Johnson

I would be fine with that as the primary frontcourt rotation going forward. That's assuming I'm right about Ed Davis thoguh. Who knows, he could still end up being a bust. We'll see.

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