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Default Re: OT : Are the Poor responsible for their own poverty?

Originally Posted by Bobcat4Ever
Poor people are lazy and rely on other people to help them.

give examples or something or else your argument is meaningless.

Kids just dont value education as much as they should. They are undisciplined children which may be a result of our government, too many rights.

You know legislators in Texas make below the poverty line? They make 7,200 dollars a year and so they must get a part time job in a company that pays them to pass their bills or laws that favor his/her company.

The texas government sux and a reason why education blows as well.
The only way is to have some powerful man or woman go in there and give a powerful speech in middle school about how important and education is and how to get the things you want you must be educated. show statistics and people who are in poverty that didnt go to college and do good in high school.

But tuition is very expensive as well but there is always community college you can go to and save up money for college. Tuition at A&M and UT 10 years ago was less than 10,000 dollars and now that the state doesnt pay them crap it has shot up. Freaking BS
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