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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Thread

Originally Posted by Scoooter
I think Melo's going to have a big game tonight. 30+ points, a lot of them at the line. He needs to tire Pierce out defensively and abuse Jeff Green. I'd like to see him play the point more with Billups out. 5 or 6 assists would be money.
I ****in' called this shit baby.

I'm obviously some kind of prophet. Alright, time to cosmically manipulate game three with my emergent pan-dimensional superpowers:

Amar'e comes back, goes hard. Chauncey sits again, but no one cares. Surprise contribution from Bill Walker, maybe three three-pointers. Melo also has a good game, and the Knicks, with Melo and Amar'e both shredding their matchups, win game three by 5-6 points. Garden goes apeshit. Spike loses it, needs to be defribillated. At some point in the pandemonium, Tina Cervasio gets groped.

Feel free to form a cult around my burgeoning demi-godhood, btw.
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