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Default Re: Danny Ainge defends trade of Kendrick Perkins

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
I dunno. Green is the more valuable piece going forward... especially 'heading into mediocrity." Perk would be horrible on a bad team. If he was a FA the fans would be pissed if they didn't resign him, but then they'd be stuck going forward with a player who can't do much once everyone else leaves. Now at least people can see that Perk isn't as great as they thought. But he did fit well on these Cs.

Jeff Green is the future! In the past we had prime KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen but this is a promising future. The NBA has super teams brewing and your clinging onto ****ing Jeff Green? The Celtics sold out basically everything for their current big 3. Once the run is done. The Celtics are done for a long time. Blame the years of getting ****ed over on lottery balls.
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