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Default Re: Why is the Charles Barkley Center so much better than Prudential?

sounds real good...

plus, i imagine / hope that the amenities and concessions will be top-notch, as well. the arena, as we've been told, is part of a $5 billion complex, including shops and apartments.

how cool would it be to wake up in the morning, walk down a couple halways, and be at the arena entrance? this is surely why they invented money.

aside from living next door, it sounds like you could hop on one of the NYC metros and arrive in the basement of the arena, at the vanderbilt yards / atlantic avenue station. can anyone confirm- true / untrue?

as for what elone was saying in a comment section at ND- it was that the charles barkley center had seats much closer to the action. that was the part i didn't understand, hence the thread. the pictures aren't a whole lot different IMO.
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