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Default Re: Favorite Beatles song (songs)?

Originally Posted by Stinky Dog
In 'A Day In the Life' is such a special song. Lennon and McCartney both wrote major portions of the lyrics with a very unique contrast in style on display. Paul referencing his youth while Lenon wrote about contemporary issues. You have probably the most seamless transition in a song ever after Paul sings 'somebody spoke and i went into the dream'...pure brilliance. Like many other great Beatles songs it's full of subtle and no so subtle references.

I feel like this song really encompasses what they were all about. In my opinion the greatest band ever.
I love A Day in the Life. I might disagree slightly on the seamless transition part, though... In between the stylistic mashup, they take you through a whirlpool of orchestral madness that really serves as the song's bridge. Don't get me wrong.... Fantastic twist. But, they definitely make it clear 'this is John's part' and 'this is Paul's part.'

Good to see you back in the OTC, btw.
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